Like I never left

The gays…they find me.

This was the first thing my wife to me when she called from Germany at precisely 9am Eastern Time about seven weeks ago. I had just woken up and was making my way down to allow the dog his due when she caught me.  The true subject matter was not ‘the gays,’ in general, but the lovely couple she had met who owned an apartment for rent in K-ru.

From time to time, I’ll be detailing the various amazing points of our home (five days settled in), but suffice to say that among facets of this space on which I was sold, I simply could not get over the fact that there was a piano in the living room.

It’s an old, but sturdy, Ritter Halle a/S – beautifully adorned with a still-gorgeous finish (the main design is the background of this site).  It hasn’t been tuned in “many years,” as the landlord says, but that can be easily remedied. It booms when played clumsily by me and I suspect it could be very loud under expert hands.

There’s lots to like about the new place. For me, the piano makes it feel more like a home than any other facet.

I won’t be posting every day, but I’ll try. I won’t be examining a new chorale every day, but they will be the starting point of my work, which I endeavor to tackle daily.  There’s no other place to start than the beginning, so here it is:


There are no rules. Parallel fifths and seconds; dissonances on strong beats. At times, there might as well not be a bar line. From here, improvisations flowed pretty easily as I found my way back to where the saddles are stored. Good thing this stable came with a horse in it.


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