Mr. Important, and the time my wife realized we were in Europe

About a year after we moved to Boston, my wife came home from school and said, “I think I want to get a Red Sox hat.”

It had been a tough year – a rapid relocation from the relative inoffensive safety of Indiana to the East Coast (familiar for me, but completely foreign to my wife), Katrina hit, we were getting married, and she was coping with a bumpy transferral between Doctoral programs, among a myriad of other crap.  I never figured out what was the precipitating factor of her adoption of Boston as our home  (it would remain so for the next seven years, until the move to Germany), but the Sox hat – and subsequent infatuation with the home team – was a palpable measure of acceptance. That Sox hat – part of a substantial collection of many colors – now hangs by the door of our apartment in K-ru.

We’ve been in Germany for about three weeks.  The amazingness of our voyage and steady acclimation was something that I would comment on almost daily. My wife’s response was something between indifference, and politely not being able to understand the language I was speaking.

F: “Seriously, babe, we live in freakin EUROPE, YO!

E: … (palpable, awkward, and questioning silence)

My wife has traveled and performed all over North America and Europe.  Seriously – her passport has a major real estate shortage.  When she would actually engage my European proclamations, the distinction seemed to lie in the fact that we weren’t packing up and going back to the States after a month, as was her custom.

So today, we’re on our morning pack run (Leute und Hund) and she says to me she says, “We live in Europe.”

palpable, awkward, and questioning silence

I have learned much in the nearly acht Jahre of our Verheiratungincluding when to smile and nod.  Perhaps we’ll get swag supporting the local American Football team, the Baden Griffins (I’m not kidding – this is actually a thing, y’all!), because, you’re never going to get us to go to a soccer match – people die at those things!

Also on today’s pack run we ran into the sweetest Hund in the neighborhood: A beautiful male collie mix who is both süß und freundlich, loves to play, and has a harness emblazoned with the name “Mr. Wichtig” (literally, Mister Important).

I think I know what my next hat is going to say.


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