die Italienisch Küche/la Cucina Italiana


romantic, no?

About a month before traveling to Germany, I took the ipad and photographed nearly every page of our cookbook collection – Julia Child, America’s Test Kitchen, Rick Bayless, books on chicken, sandwiches, Southern cooking (where I got the gem posted above), and on and on – nearly 500 recipes.


My wife loves a good Bolognese, so I pulled out the ipad and flipped to recipes copied from The Splendid Table, which everyone should own. Like another of my favorites – Rick Bayless’ Mexico One Plate at a Time, Splendid Table offers traditional recipes followed by contemporary – and slightly healthier – alterations, which I would then have to fudge using ingredients  I can find at the typical German Supermarkt.  For example:

...this is celery.

…this is celery.

not exactly pancetta, but it will do.

not exactly pancetta, but it will do.

we can! WE WILL!!

The constraints of an understocked kitchen: we can! WE WILL!!

Thankfully, carrots, onions and ground beef all look the same. The major plus is the abundance of Laktosefrei Milchprodukt INCLUDING lactose free HEAVY CREAM, which will allow me to make my darling wife Alfredo without the show-stopping after-effects.

At the end of the day, Guten Appetit!


and what’s to be done with the leftover Schinken Würfel?

das Omelette!

das Omelette!


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