My new friend

A little over a month ago, on my birthday, the wife and I were wandering home in the stupor of my mittagskuchen when we stumbled upon an unassuming store front.  On the door were the simple words – in English – “Repair Shop.”

We bit, and inadvertantly stumbled into a shop that sold rebuilt, scratch-and-dent, and discontinued kitchen appliances.

In other words – heaven.

So last week, we finally decided to bring home our new friend, Mixie:



Oh, the places we have gone!  Doughs! Soups! My attempt at mayonnaise failed miserably, but I am still able to make it by hand.  And the crowning achievement thus far – Baba Ganoush!

Mixie slices and dices, grates cheese, potatoes, and probably my fingers. And all this at about 30% of retail. I wonder if I could make margaritas in that thing…


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