in which I begin to recap the last eleven months

I haven’t gotten post-show blues since I was music directing summer musical theatre (and y’ll know who y’all are). But after last night – which was my last of about 30 performances in a completely unexpected season singing opera chorus and acting as a super in six different productions, including one of my most favorite operas – I anticipated a severe case of post-show, (not to mention post-season) boo. This was enhanced by the post-performance show of affection and professional collegiality, which, in retrospect, was probably delirium at the close of an unbelievably long season for everybody involved and the promise of a six-week vacation, beginning post haste.

Costumes, makeup, staging, choral rehearsals, panic, flys, lights, Wagner operas that lasted six freaking hours, costume calls where I took my pants off in front of strange women, singing in German and Russian.  I’ve been a Drunken Norwegian sailor who was roughed up by the crew of a ghost ship, a pilgrim who looked like a reject from a Seattle grunge band, a socialite politico with silver streaks through black hair who got embarrassingly hammered at the biggest social event of the year, a stereotypical 17th century German nobleman, a World War One soldier in a field hospital, a worker bee in the Chinese court, and a highly-decorated Russian ex-military man who, along with everyone around him, has fallen on hard times because Russia is simply miserable.

All the pics are here. you can even catch a glimpse of me at the very beginning of this video (and then keep watching so you can see my wife kill it with a stick).   We’ll see how long this goes – Puccini next spring!!


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