Welcome back (you never left)

If you’re reading this, you probably got here via a link from my new, hot-shot website, so Welcome!  or Welcome back, I suppose.

Lord know’s it’s been a while since I’ve been here. In the year and a half since my last post, much has happened – new baby, loss of family members, moving to a new city, new directions in my professional career as a composer.  A good deal of new music has been written and more is one the way. The Bach chorales that lend this blog its name, however, remain constant, as a technical foundation and an opportunity to delve into broader topics along the way.

And, along the way lie more than a few fascinating topics – navigating the opera world, hustling and the reality of arts entrepreneurship, a continuing excoriation of correlative studies being used as a rationale to save arts education, Bach chorales, whatnot.  I can’t say I’ll be writing a ton, or divulging explosive droplets of musical monstrosity, but it won’t be boring, at least. I hope.

Anyway, welcome (back).


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