Is that your cow?

As my German vocabulary increases, there are, I am finding, new and exciting ways that I can enhance my conversations.  This can be monitered via my nifty practice app, which gets on these kicks of asking me to translate the same thing over and over again, in different word arrangements.  Your basic sentences are something like: Ich esse den Apfel. (I am eating the apple); and Du liest die Zeitung. (You are reading the newspaper.) but then take a turn for the macabre, with sentences like: Die Katze isst den Vogel. (The cat eats the bird.) and Die Kinder essen den Hund. (The children are eating the dog.)  HA!  I made that one up!

Later, relationships are explored in the pronoun section, thusly:

Ich kenne sie , aber sie kennt mich nicht. (I know her, but she doesn’t know me), which is fairly innocuous, yet speaks of an unrequited love.  Later, it gets a little more sinister: Du kennst mich nicht, aber Ich kenne dich. (You don’t know me, but I know you.)  Etc, etc saecula saeculorum, amen.

They must have gotten punchy when putting this all together – the farther you get in, you start to see tropes such as:

Er mag dich nicht. (He doesn’t like you.), which is a little jarring, but it gets worse: Ich kenne dich, und Ich mag dich nicht. (I know you and I don’t like you.), only to be followed up with the gut-punching: Er seht sie, aber sie seht ihn nicht. Sie mag ihn nicht, denke Ich. (He sees her, but she does not see him. She doesn’t like him, I think.)  HA! I made that one up, too!

Moving on to simple questions, plus possessive pronouns, all seems fairly straightforward:

Wo ist mein Buch?  (Where is my book?) Wohin geht deine Schwester? (Where is your sister going?) Was ist neu? (What’s new?)

And then, ex nihilo, they gave me: Das ist deine Kuh? (Is that your cow?), just in case, I suppose, your conversation took a more livestock-oriented turn.  Well, ist das?

2013-09-27 13.20.36

note the horns as well as the udders


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