lol, and then there was that time I totally lost my marbles and wanted to burn all my German workbooks…

So, maybe we can chalk this up to the “4th week culture shock nightmare” that everyone keeps telling me that I’m going to have – that moment, when you realize (regardless of previous posts) holy freakin shit, I live in a foreign country and I’m not going back to the motherland for a while so get comfy – but I’m two weeks into learning German and I want to punch everything I see, then start crying.

The source of the angst (which, not surprisingly, is a German word) is the German language.  It is currently whooping my behind, and I am not a patient man (TWO WEEKS!).  My wife tells me this is normal (both the whoop-up and me not being a patient man – Lordy, does she know THAT), and she went through the same twitchy-eye when at language school, and that was with a pledge to speak nothing but the language being studied.  But, as my wife said to me she said – in the most recent of the several pep talks this week – I don’t have anything to prove to any particular method book. So, I’m ditching the one that makes me crazy, sticking with the one that’s actually helpful (and has cartoons), opting for new, streamlined versions with hip things like podcasts, and going back to the old warhorse, Duolingo, which is so rad, and there’s an app. 

Anyway, encouragement is always welcome, but I’m afraid it must be in German.

I can recommend learning materials.



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